Sixteen American Unitarian Tracts

  • Book Author: Various Authors

This volume consists of unedited reprints of tracts from the American Unitarian Association, 1827-1834.

One Hundred Scriptural Arguments for the Unitarian Faith
Omniscience the Attribute of the Father Only, Joseph Hutton.
The Doctrine of Pronouns Applied to Christ’s Testimony of Himself, Noah Worcester.
The Evidence Necessary to Establish the Doctrine of the Trinity, S.C. Thacher.
The Apostle Paul a Unitarian.
The Doctrine of Two Natures in Jesus Christ, Alvan Lamson.
The Divinity of Jesus Christ.
The Apostle Peter a Unitarian.
Outline of the Testimony of Scripture Against the Trinity, Henry Ware, Jr.
The Doctrines of Trinity and Transubstantiation Compared
The Doctrine of Atonement, Henry Turner.
Presumptive Arguments in Favor of Unitarianism, M.L. Hurlbut.