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The Doctrine of the Trinity

This important work is a detailed biblical investigation of the relationship of Jesus to the one God of Israel. The authors challenge the notion that biblical monotheism is legitimately represented by a Trinitarian view of God and demonstrate that within the bounds of the canon of Scripture Jesus is confessed… Read More


Our Fathers Who Aren’t in Heaven

There is an impressive consensus among New Testament scholars that the Kingdom of God was the principal theme of all that Jesus taught. The Gospel about the Kingdom of God is actually the New Testament name for the Christian Message of salvation. Yet today we hear little or nothing in… Read More


Glory to God in the Highest

From Trumpet Call books: "We are celebrating the release of Joel’s new book, “Glory To God In The Highest.” It is a 520 page work filled with scriptural and historical insights regarding the truth of the One Most High God and his supernaturally conceived, virgin born, human son, our Savior… Read More


One God & One Lord

"Who do you say that I am?". Jesus of Nazareth posed this question to his followers nearly two thousand years ago, but the question still hangs in the air, requesting an answer from every person. Indeed, the question of the identity of Jesus Christ is the most important theological issue… Read More